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Water Cooled Weld Cables
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   Water Cooled Weld Cables

  • Water Cooled Weld Cables are available in various terminal configurations and in any length.
  • Sizes are based on the cross sectional areas of 150, 225 and 300 sq mm.
  • Water cooled Weld Cables are used for longer length connections between the weld transformer and the weld gun.
  • Water Cooled Cables are single polarity as distinct from dual polarity Kickless Weld Cables.
  • Cable size and length are determined by the weld current and the work duty factor.
  • The water feed fitting is 1/4" BSPT.
  • The outer water hose is oil and water resistant and free from silicone.
  • NB. Hose is free from silicone. 
Water Cooled Cable.
Kickless Weld Cable.